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Responsive Web Design Services in Winnipeg

The Process

At Click Colour, we follow a streamlined four-phase process to create the responsive web design of your dreams:

  1. Learn: We understand your website goals.
  2. Design: We bring your vision to life.
  3. Deploy: We set up the web server and go live.
  4. Monitor: We ensure top-notch performance for your visitors.


The learning phase of website design is a critical stage in the process. During this phase, our designers work directly with you to gather information, conduct research, and define the project's goals, objectives, and requirements. This phase sets the foundation for the entire web design project and ensures that the final website meets your needs.


The design phase of is a crucial stage where the visual and interactive elements of the website come to life. During this phase, the concepts and ideas developed in the learning phase are translated into tangible designs.


The deployment phase is the final step in the website development process, where the completed website is prepared for public access. This phase involves taking all the design and development work and making it accessible to users on the internet. In this phase we take care of setting up the server, configuring your domain name, implementing security features, and testing to ensure all parts are working as intended.

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Our website design services start at $500.